Asarikawa Onsen (Yuragi-no-sato) situated in the mountain of Otaru is the resort with the rich nature through four seasons.
Access From around Sapporo
Car access

From New Chitose airport/Sapporo

>> Chitose IC ~Sapporo-Kita IC(about 29 min.),
Sapporo-Kita IC~Asari IC(about 21 min.)
>> It takes about 2 min. From Asari IC to Asarigawa Onsen through prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street).

From downtown Otaru

>> Drive route 5 and then prefecture route 1(Asarigawa Onsen street) to Asarigawa Onsen, it takes about 15 min.
Railway / Bus access

From New Chitose/Sapporo to JR Otaru st.

>> JR New Chitose st.~JR Sapporo st. (about 36 min.),
JR Sapporo st.~JR Asari st.[Local] (about 40 min.)

By bus from Otaru st.

>> Take "for Asarigawa Onsen " at JR Otaru st. Chou Bus terminal platform NO.2, then get off at "Onsengai" (about 30 min./320 yen)
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Railway(JR)/Bus: JR Hokkaido Chuou Bus
Around Asarigawa Onsen

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